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CATEGORY: Castings & Forgings - Castings (Aluminium)


AREA: East Midlands - Leicester

Accrite Aluminium Limited

South Leicester Industrial Estate
LE67 1EU

Contact Details
Telephone: 01530 263038
Fax: 01530 263038
Contact: Brian Smith
Position: Managing Director
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Accrite Aluminium Limited

Founded 20 years ago, Accrite Aluminium is a versatile foundry, specialising in both one off and repetition castings with weight ranges form a few grams up to 600kgs. Utilising the full range of Standard 1490 alloys can be cast and can also be heat treated to any condition required.

By utilising technology including Electric Resistance Melting and careful metal treatments, we assure the we consistently achieve enhanced melt quality and castings of the highest quality.

Quality castings are manufactured in all sizes and to all industries and we have a particular speciality for heavy industry, including:

  • General Engineering
  • Power Generation
  • Pumps & Compressors
  • Petrochemical

In addition to standard aluminium castings, we supply pattern and toolmakers with castings for thermoplastic moulds and tools. Such applications include rotational, blow and expanded polystyrene moulds, cushion packaging and vacuum forming tools.

We also supply a full range of tests for critical castings, to which full certification is supplied.

Accrite Aluminium Limited Carefully making Aluminium Castings!


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